Top 3 psychological facts

 top 3 psychological facts: Fact number 1: Not arguing or fighting a relationship represents a lack of interest. people who care about one another tend to argue sometimes. Fact number 2: women who prefer to have more male friends than female friends are happier, healthier, and tend to live longer.  Fact number 3: two things … Read more

Love can be addictive | Psychology facts | Ep-35 | #shorts #viral #youtubeshorts

  Love can be addictive | Psychology facts | Ep-35 | #shorts #viral #youtubeshorts psychology facts, human psychology facts, psychology, psychology 101, human psychology, psychological facts about human nature, mind blowing facts, psychological facts about human behavior, psychological facts that will blow your mind, interesting facts, amazing facts, facts, negativity bias, human nature, how to, … Read more